Revolver manual UT scanner - pipe scanner

Revolver, Probe and Wedge Kit Special

Revolver Scanner Package (Dual sided)Promotion Price: $18,125/ea For the month of September 2019, AUT Solutions is pleased to offer two Revolver weld inspection packages that come complete with scanner, phased array transducer(s) and wedge kit; everything that you need to perform small OD pipe/tube encoded weld inspections.   Package includes: Dual-sided Revolver scanner (x2) PA15-7.5L16…

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Accutrak-LT-weld inspection

AccuTrak LT – Weld Inspection Special

Steerable Laser Guided Weld Scanning System for only $29,995 USD AUT Solutions is offering a one-time promotion for the month of April 2019, our AccuTrak LT – Weld Inspection Edition motorized scanning system at a low price of $29,995 ($15,000 less than the competition) The AccuTrak LT-Weld Inspection Edition is a motorized 2-axis steerable scanning…

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AUT Solutions Hydroform Holder

AUT Solutions is pleased to announce a simple yet effective way to attach your Olympus HydroFORM cart to our automated AccuScan and AccuTrak industrial scanners. Allowing you to use many of your existing AUT scanner components by adapting the cart in either direction you can raster scan or index circumferential scan creating an automated phased…

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AUT Solutions is proud to announce the release of our new software feature for the ProScan Analysis Software, the OmniScan Data Converter tool. Our good friends at Olympus have given us the ability to convert Omniscan 0-degree data (.OPD and .OUD) into the ProScan data file format so analysis can be done utilizing the industries best…

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AUT System Promotion AUT Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers an affordable solution for automated corrosion mapping inspection equipment by offering a package deal valid until August 31st. We offer a complete AUT system package which includes: AccuScan 2 -axis automated scanner with 20″ arm 100ft umbilical and motor controller ProScan-XT single channel flaw…

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AUT Solutions is pleased to announce thew release of our latest manual phased array scanner, the Revolver.   Simplicity is the key with the Revolver, you simply select the band and wedge size as required, and within minutes you are ready to scan; no complex setup or templates are required, just snap the scanner on…

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