Advanced semi-automated scanning equipment specifically designed for Phased Array, ToFD, B scan Corrosion Mapping, Short Range Guided Wave, and configurable to adapt to any inspection requirements.  All encoders are IP-68 rated and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Revolver-Scanner-Manual Weld Scanner


Simplicity is key; select the appropriate band size, snap the scanner on the pipe, and scan away.

  • 10 unique bands covering a range of pipe sizes from 0.8″ (20.3 mm) to 4.5″ (114.3 mm)
  • Compatible with Olympus A15 phased array probes and wedges
  • High resolution IP rated encoder
HandScan manual UT phased array scanner


Small, simple to use single-axis scanner that allows for quickly and easily setup.

  • Precision machined anodized aluminum
  • Dual-Force wedge clamping system
  • No additional tools required


The ultimate piping inspection solution.

  • Used on ferrous and non-ferrous piping
  • Quickly adaptable to 4” to 24” diameter pipe
  • Highly portable and lightweight


A simple affordable solution for performing phased array and ToFD weld scans.

  • Highly configurable manual scanner
  • Capable of scanning pipe in both axial and circumferential directions


Affordable multi-purpose scanner designed for advanced ultrasonic inspections.

  • Lightweight
  • Modular


Small, lightweight single-axis high-temperature scanner for applications up to 500F (intermittent use). A spring loaded transducer automatically adjusts its height adapting to surface changes.

  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Single-axis encoded manual scanner
  • Compatible with surfaces ranging from 3″ pipe to flat