Encoded Phased Array Clamping Scanner

The AUT Solutions HandScan is a low-cost tool for performing single axis encoded scanning. Small in size and simple to use, the HandScan allows the technician to set up quickly and easily. The Dual Force clamping system is effective at holding wedges up to 56mm wide. With 5 different encoder positions available, including 2 for transverse scanning, the HandScan fits nearly anywhere and on most surfaces. The encoder wheel is magnetic, for use on ferrous material applications. It features a soft contact tread, making it ideal for non-ferrous materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum. The IP68 waterproof RME encoder is replaceable and comes with an exclusive AUT lifetime warranty. Optional length encoder cables are available ranging from 5m, 15m, and 30m.

  • Precision machined anodized aluminum
  • Dual Force wedge clamping system
  • Tool-less operation
  • Lifetime warranty on the encoder
  • 5 encoder positions (2 Transverse)
  • Magnetic soft contact encoder wheel
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Connectors available for all current ultrasonic flaw detectors
  • 1 – HandScan Dual Force Clamp
  • 1 – Spring loaded encoder arm
  • 1 – RME waterproof encoder
  • 1 – 5m encoder cable (connector required)
  • 1 – Protective case
  • AUT Phased array probes
  • AUT Phased array wedges
  • 15m or 30m cable
  • Call or email for details
  • 56 mm max wedge width
  • 1” Diameter encoder wheel 1273 ticks per inch (50.15 per mm)
  • Weight 4.8 oz. (136 grams)
  • 3.6” x 3.5” (91.4mm x 88.8mm)
  • Shipping Case 10.5” x 10” (266mm x 254mm)

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