UT Flaw detector


Smallest and most powerful single-channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with 2 axis encoding

The ProScan is a USB-powered single-channel high-speed acquisition system with advanced ultrasonic tooling and visualizations. The ProScan delivers high end performance while remaining user-friendly and cost effective. The software includes A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, 3D and new 4D displays specifically designed for Corrosion Mapping, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for weld inspection, and Short Range Guided Wave (SRGW).

  • A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, 3D & 4D displays
  • Performs Corrosion Mapping, TOFD, & SRGW
  • Works with either automated or manual scanners
  • Full Project Stitching – Can run smaller scan sizes for increased productivity then stitch scans for complete inspection view
  • DAC Implementation
  • TOFD – Tools, Lateral Wave Straightening
  • Reporting – Data Export with Grid Control
  • Statistics – Find minimum thickness fast
  • Data Skewing for angle beam transducers and HIC inspection
  • ProScan flaw detector
  • Software, Windows OS compatible (32 or 64bit)
  • USB cable, Lemo to BNC adapters
  • Shipping case
  • Sampling rate: 25/50/100 MHz
  • Transducer mode: Single (pulse echo)/Dual (pitch-catch-through transmission). PRF: 6 Hz – 2 KHz
  • Statistics, finds min. thickness with one mouse click
  • Data exports to Excel with scan increment control
  • Screen capture
  • Image smoothing and hide NRI features
    • Rectifier: Full, +half, -half, RF, & Envelope
    • Filters: 2.5/5/10 MHz; Broadband
    • Resolution: 12 bit live A-scan, 8 bit for stored data
    • Screen linearity: ±5%
    • Linearity: ±1 dB on total gain dynamic
    • Encoder: 5 v TTL (15 pin Sub-D), 100mA