The Pipeline Burst Pressure Calculator (PBPC) software package is a helpful tool for anyone to add Effective Area, B31G and B31G Modified pipe burst pressure calculations to their reports. This software works either as a standalone software application where depth or thickness grid information can be imported in from Excel, or can be processed within the ProScan software using UT or Laser data already collected.


  • Import manual UT or pit gauge readings into this software from an excel spread sheet
  • Calculates estimated pipeline burst pressure based on B31G, B31G Modified and Effective Area calculations
  • Automatically calculates corrosion size based on interaction rules and provides the estimated burst pressure for each area, thus saves time when doing this in the field
  • Export a report into Excel to give to your customer showing each area of corrosion with all three burst pressure calculations performed plus the location and river bottom path, which can also be imported into other software platforms such as RSTRENG, KAPA, etc. for further validation
  • C-scan and 3D views


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