Multi-Diameter Non-Ferrous Pipe Weld Scanner

The Circ-Scan is the ultimate scanning solution for weld and corrosion inspections on non-ferrous piping such as stainless steel and HDPE. Setup is fast and simple as it should be! The Circ-Scan with its patent pending design does not require multiple chain links to hold onto a pipe like other pipe scanners. Its revolutionary adjustable clamp design allows the scanner to attach to pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 24” with a simple turn of a handle using 3 available arms in just a matter of seconds. The basic kit comes with 2 probe holders perfect for TOFD or Phased Array inspection, and our high-resolution water proof RME encoder with detachable cable. The Circ-Scan is also designed to hold 6 or more probes and can be used in multiple scanning positions such as center or side mount. The complete kit is ultra-portable and fits into one small carrying case!

The Circ-Scan, truly is the smart way to perform pipe inspections.

  • Design – Allows for scanning on ferrous and non-ferrous piping
  • Versatile – Basic kit will work on 4” to 24” diameter pipe with setup taking a matter of seconds
  • Price – Lower cost when compared to our competition chain scanner designs
  • Portable – Everything fits into a small shipping case
  • Encoder – High resolution, waterproof IP68 found on all manual scanners built by AUT Solutions.  Interchangeable!
  • Compatible – Works with ProScan, Omniscan, Zetec, TD Scan, M2M, GE,  VEO, and more
  • Scanner truck
  • RME encoder with 5m cable
  • 3 pairs of arms
  • 2x Clamping wheel trucks
  • 2x Stage-1 probe gimbles
  • 2x 6” bars & 2x 12” probe bars
  • Metric and Imperial PCS scales
  • Spare parts kit
  • Travel case
  • Stage-1 and Stage-2 probe gimbles
  • TOFD and PAUT probes and wedges
  • Calibration standards
  • UT Cables

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