Automated Steerable 3-Axis Scanner/Crawler for Corrosion Mapping, TOFD & Phased Array Weld Inspection

The AccuTrak drive assemblies rotate on multiple axes allowing improved wheel contact on a flat or curved surface. The truck assembly can be locked into place for conventional 2-axis style scanning or unlocked, enabling the AccuTrak additional rotational flexibility on curved surfaces.

Weld Inspection 4 Probe kit

Weld Inspection 6 Probe kit

Corrosion Mapping Acquisition Kit

Catamaran Weld Inspection Kit

The AccuTrak comes standard as a 3-axis scanner; however, the arm can be removed in minutes, allowing a quick transition to Weld inspection or Line Scanning.

The AccuTrak scanning system configuration allows many customization options ranging from multi-probe weld inspection utilizing Phased Array and ToFD techniques, Corrosion Mapping, Internal and external Piping inspection, or attached a camera for Remote Visual Inspections.

Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

Category: Automated NDT UT Scanners

  • Fast – X: 6”/sec – Y: 30”/sec
  • Modular – Change parts in seconds
  • Lightweight – 17lbs
  • Portable – Ships in 2 cases
  • Practical – Circumferential O.D. Scans: 4″+ Axial O.D. Scans: 8”+
  • Versatility – Axial I.D. pipe scans : 14”+ *
  • Mobility – Zero turn within a 12” radius
  • Magnetic wheels – Strong, allows vertical climbing.
  • Power – VAC or battery pack
  • Temp – Can be used at 300°F or higher**
  • Compatible – Works with ProScan, Omniscan, TD Scan, M2M, GE, Zetec, VEO, and more

* Accessory purchase option ** Temperatures greater than 300°F require duty cycling

  • 3-Axis motor controller
  • 3rd axis 20” arm with motor
  • Joystick
  • 100ft. umbilical
  • Probe gimble
  • Power and com cables
  • Tools and spare parts
  • All Windows OS compatible (32 or 64bit)
  • Shipping cases (2)
  • Users manual
  • 12 or 36″ arms
  • Spare motor kit (X and Y)
  • Rechargeable battery pack with charger
  • 25 ft., 200 ft., or custom length umbilical’s
  • Multi-probe kit for TOFD/Phased Array
  • Laser line – green (battery powered)
  • Camera – 45ft, USB
  • Truck extension for ID scanning of 14” pipe +