Internal Pipe Inspection Crawler

The AccuTrak scanner was designed to be a multi-purpose scanner and now we have taken it to a whole new level; we proudly introduce the AccuTrak R-MOT system. The R-MOT is a new rotational motor assembly that allows you to convert your existing AccuTrak into an internal pipe inspection tool capable of scanning pipe ID sizes from 12” to 30” with high accuracy and fast speed.

The R-motor comes in a 2 or 4 probe setup and can be purchased stand-alone or in a complete AccuTrak system package. This scanner is perfect for internal pipe inspection using ultrasound, laser, and visual technologies. Setup is easy and works great using our 8 channel ProScan flaw detector for multi-channel UT data acquisition, but can be used with other encoded flaw detectors.

The AccuTrak and AccuTrak LT line of automated scanners are modularly designed so modifications or repairs can be done in the field within minutes.  A huge benefit of this is the ability to be upgraded to a 3-axis computer controlled raster scanning system for remote C-scan applications or crossgrade to an AccuTrak LT – Weld Scanning for Phased-Array/TOFD weld inspection or an AccuTrak LT – Tank Scanning for remote B-Scan applications such as API 653 tank inspection.  Ask your self this, why buy a scanner to perform only one duty when you can buy one scanner that can perform many.

Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

  • Scan Pipe from the ID surface, 12” to 30”

  • Your choice of 2 or 4 transducer setup

  • Modular design

  • Can be upgraded to standard AccuTrak model

  • Fast –  Wheels 6″/sec (150mm/sec) – Arms: 42 RPM
  • Modular – Change parts in seconds
  • Mobility – Fits internal pipe diameters 12″-30″
  • Power – VAC or battery pack
  • Portable – Ships in 1 case
  • Magnetic wheels – Strong, allows vertical climbing.
  • Compatible – Works with ProScan, Omniscan, TD Scan, M2M, GE, Zetec, VEO, and more
  • 100ft. umbilical with strain relief
  • Shipping case
  • Battery pack and AC/DC power supply
  • AccuTrak trucks with R-motor
  • 2 probes or 4 probes (depending on kit)
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • User manual
  • ProScanXT Ultrasonic System w/ software
  • AccuTrak raster arm upgrade kit
  • Longer or short umbilicals
  • Extra battery pack
  • Thickness probes of varies size and frequency
  • Weld Inspection gimbles and brackets
  • Water irrigation pump system
  • Catamaran weld scanner conversion kit
  • Rotary arm tool for internal pipe inspection >10″
  • EMAT probe holders

Completely Modular

Optional Weld Inspection Kit

Optional Tank and Vessel Corrosion Inspection Kit

Upgrade To Computerized 3-Axis Inspection System

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