XY Scanner

Cost Effective Dual-Axis Manual Scanner

The XY scanner is used for ultrasonic phased array material detection on composite materials, aluminum plates, steel plates, etc. You can select 64-element or 128-element phased array probes making It easy to take 2D scan images with its XY dual axis encoder. Effective scanning strokes 450 mm for both the X and Y axis and different effective scanning strokes can be customized according to testing requirements. Vacuum suction cups provide solid base and absorption. Simple operation, solid base for stable operation, reliable and clamping arm spring provides additional pressure to ensure good probe coupling.


  • IP65 Rated
  • Step encoder – X Axis 39.7 pulses/mm Y Axis 34 pulses/mm
  • Smooth arm operation
  • Suction cup style feet for solid base on metal plates
  • Quick & easy configuration changes
  • X straight 24″ arm
  • Y  straight 24″ arm
  • Scanner body
  • Encoder cable
  • Probe clamping arm
  • Travel case